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A show that supports intercultural couples to adjust to each other’s lifestyle, and navigate through cultural differences. Experts and other couples will inspire and help you survive long distance, plan a blended wedding, and celebrate your international love journey.

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Welcome to the

Do I think intercultural relationships are easy?! - Not always, but definitely worth the journey! Adam and I have been together for 14+ years and after overcoming language barriers, countless culture shocks and misunderstandings we were able to save our marriage from an inevitable divorce. 

I’m a Hungarian girl, born in Serbia, married to my American husband who I met while studying abroad in Italy.

I love helping other binational couples and get inspired by their stories!
You will often find me chasing moments with my camera (-someone needs to document this life!) experimenting in the kitchen, or adventuring around our new home, Canada. 

about the host

srb    hun    it    usa    CA

my english is not always perfect, but that won't stop me from sharing my experiences with you! ;)


Fun things for Intercultural Couples

- ams fan 02 -

"Great info and insights! Always find some interesting thought or idea that I had never even considered. Edit is an amazing host and is very thoughtful in the topics she discusses."

"Down to earth and real!"

- LoveBeyondBordersPodcast -

"Edit is a great host! You can feel the energy and passion she has for what she does. I’ve found the content on her podcast to be very relevant for what I experience in my multicultural relationship. Excited to continue listening!"

"I love this podcast!"

- Su4S -

"I found this podcast very recently. The title of the last podcast “white woman living in America” appeal to me so I gave it a go. I loved it. As a Portuguese woman living in America for 6 years, married to an Indian man...I can totally relate. It seems easy but it’s not easy at all. Thank you for this podcast. I am eager to listen to the following ones."

"First time and loved it"

- vMagdi -

"What I love the most about the Getting Married Multiculturally podcast is how much support and encouragement I get from Edit, each time I listen her episodes.Being far away from our family is not easy,but resources and communities like this podcast is what makes us feel like we are not alone."

"Getting Married Multiculturally"

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